About Us

Welcome to SaveEnergy-Now. We are Jim & Julia Allen and we’ve been running SEN since 2010.

We believe that work should not only be productive but fun as well, which is probably why we rarely lose clients and many end up friends. Julia is an accountant and Jim is an engineer so we can help your business in many ways, and almost always with a smile!

If you want to have a chat, give us a call  on 07837 470 476 or email enquiries@saveenergy-now.co.uk.

Here are three of the areas we can help you with:

Energy Efficiency

Our primary service is helping people with commercial premises take control of their energy expenditure.

Knowledge is power, so understanding your bills, identifying options for improving efficiency and looking at options for generating energy on site are all areas where Jim can help. He will take the time to make sure you understand how energy is being used within your business, what you’re doing right and what’s not going so well.

From there we can build a plan together for reducing energy expenditure based on facts and figures, not just guesses and instinct.

There’s so much more to do than just upgrading lighting to LED!

AutoCAD® Schematics

Need any CAD drawings? We produce technical drawings of heating schematics, electrical diagrams, floorplans or anything that you think will look better to your clients in CAD rather than being hand drawn.

Having CAD drawings in your proposal conveys professionalism and instils confidence in your client; who’s ever been impressed by a rushed, scruffy proposal? If required, we’ll provide a suitable frame for your drawings providing all the necessary information for clients customised how you like it, or we can adapt something that you may already have. We only use the latest, fully licensed software.

Make you’re proposals shine with the very best drawings and schematics.

Environmental Permits & Exemptions

Burning waste wood without an exemption or permit? You shouldn’t – and local authorities and the Environment Agency are slowly clamping down on those who do.

For boilers consuming less than 50kg per hour of fuel (around 300kW) , applying for an exemption is straightforward. All we need is a 20-minute phone call and we can apply for an exemption for you straight away. You should be operating legally within a week.

For boilers burning more than 50kg/hour, a more detailed permit is required but the process, albeit more time consuming is still straight forward.

We can apply on your behalf for Part B, Schedule 13 SWIP permits or Part A1 permits which will allow you to burn any non-hazardous waste woods.

It’s important to operate legally – give us a call……

Get in touch!

If you think we can help then let us know. Jim will be happy to pop round to discuss your needs. He might drink a lot of your tea though so get the kettle on….

Need a hand?

We’re always open to suggestions, at the end of the day we are intelligent (relatively) people who are sufficiently experienced in life and business to be of use to you. If you’re struggling to find people that can get jobs done with minimal effort and cost then we could be just what you want. In the recent past we have provided for clients:-

On-site trial design

Development of website operation (not website production)

Report writing

Environmental permit applications

Proof reading (technical and non-technical)

Legislation determination and adherence

3rd party independent inspections

Independent market research


Registered Office:
SaveEnergy-Now Ltd
Carlton House
High Street
Higham Ferrers
NN10 8BW

+44 (0)7837 470476


Company No. – 07404158 (England and Wales)

Vat Reg No. – 102088455